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Religious Bronze Statues and Monument Makers

Icon Bronze creates custom Christian Religious statues

Icon Bronze, LLC creates custom hand sculpted bronze religious plaques, statues in bronze. Add elegance and grace to your school building, Church or other public building.  with custom bronze statues of Christ or other Biblical figure giving it a unique one of a kind atmosphere. Consider a statue of a Saint or a member of your Church. We can create and design a custom made bronze sculptures and bronze statues for you from your ideas or feel free to use ours. We are happy to help in any way making your dreams become a reality. The sky is literally the limit when it cones to custom bronze monuments and statues. We create custom made statues from desktop to colossal bronze monuments. Options are wide open and the possibilities are endless for your statue needs. We can custom create for you portrait statues and bust statues, we make bronze plaques, fountains, memorial statues and more.

Icon Bronze’s sculptor Stan Watts

Icon Bronze’s sculptor Stan Watts is well known for the American themed and Patriotic and religious bronze sculptures which he creates. Stan’s Custom bronze statues are sculpted in the style of classical realism and cast in bronze using the time honored lost wax bronze casting method. The sculptor's bronze statues can be seen in many wonderful locations across the United States, as well as abroad. Let Icon Bronze, LLC  and their team of expert artisans help you create a lasting legacy monument. Icon Bronze is also an American owned and operated company and all of our statue are created in the United States of America. All custom bronze sculptures and bronze monuments created by Icon Bronze and that are shown on this website are sculpted and cast in the USA of the finest quality everdur bronze available. Buy your bronze sculptures direct from the Icon Bronze where we accept commissions for your custom bronze statues. See our portfolio for more custom Patriotic bronze sculptures, custom Patriotic bronze statues, war memorials and  custom bronze monuments. Contact Bob Talbot at Icon Bronze for your consultation about your custom bronze sculpture project 801-649-5823 or Toll Free 877-404-4266, Email welcome at bob @ or click here to Contact Us.

Makers of Religious Bronze Sculpture Monuments

Icon Bronze, LLC Makers of Religious Bronze Sculpture Monuments and custom Patriotic bronze sculptures from desktop size to monumental. Our mission it to help you create and design a custom made patriotic bronze statue. Icon Bronze is where your dreams become reality. Together Let our sculptors help create the bronze monument you have envisioned.  At Icon you will be working directly with the artist from beginning to the final touches. We specialize in bronze portrait sculptures so whatever your needs we can deliver.  If you are in need of any type of bronze statue, plaques, monuments or even fountains we are hear for you. If you want to tell a story for generations then you may want to consider a permanent bronze statue or monument. The statues will virtually last for ever and you can tell your story by bringing history to life for generations to enjoy.

​Tell the story that you are trying to convey

Tell the story that you are trying to convey with a bronze statue or monument that will last virtually forever. If you erect a bronze statue then your statement is that of class, dignity, stability and quality for your organization. With bronze the possibilities are endless. we specialize in custom indoor and outdoor bronze sculptures. Anything from bronze fountains to portrait bust statues for niches are a possibility for you. Custom bronze sculptures for building and home entryways always make a lasting impression on visitors. You may even consider bronze gates or custom bronze doors and hardware for your Church or other building.  Remember that with Icon Bronze, LLC everything is sculpted to your specifications and unique needs.


The patina color and finish or your bronze statue

The normal patina color that you see on bronzes is called traditional French brown. we have patina colors in wide range of colors including full color patinas available.  we can match the look and feel of your home or office with a patina that looks just right. Your custom bronze statue if it is for indoor use could be mounted on a hardwood bases. Our bases are available in a verity of wood types and finishes to match your home or office and enhance the statement that you are trying to make. We also offer custom marble and granite bases for your custom statue to be mounted on. The foundry uses high quality Everdur silicon bronze. The composition of Everdur bronze is 95% copper, 4% silicon and 1% manganese. This type of bronze produces a much higher quality, more durable and longer lasting bronze sculpture than cheap imported bronze which may have as low as only 50% to 55% copper content.  Your bronze casting from Icon Bronze will last virtually forever and be there for generations to enjoy because of the high quality of our bronze.


Let us help you create the statue of your dreams

Let Icon Bronze help you to create the custom bronze sculpture of your dreams. It all starts with a simple phone call or email and we can get the ball rolling toward your custom bronze statue commission. With Icon you can expect us to meet and exceed your high expectations. With Icon Bronze, You will work directly with the artist and foundry. Why not Commission a custom bronze sculpture portrait bust today. Your new statue will last for generations to enjoy which makes it a pretty good investment. We are hear daily to assist you in creating the statue of your dreams. Our Custom bronze casting will work will impress the finest of tastes out there. We are here to help you with a portrait in bronze capturing the likeness and personality of the one you seek to honor.  To commission your custom bronze bust or portrait sculpture, contact Icon Bronze  801-649-5823 or Toll Free 877-404-ICON (4266) we are standing by ready to assist you with your custom bronze statue today with our free consultation statue design service.

Statue of Jesus Christ praying at a rock in Gethsemane before his Crucification. This statue is 1/2 life size and stands about 3 feet tall. By Icon Bronze and DJ.

Created as the model for the larger than life size monument of the Savior and Woman at the Well statue located in Zephyr Hills Hospital in Florida. By Icon Bronze and DJ.

Heroic statue commissioned by The Christus Sphon Hospitals Shoreline located in Corpus Christi Florida and several other hospitals in the area. By Icon Bronze and DJ.
Half life size statue of Holy Mother Virgin Mary. Commissioned by the Providence Hospital in Anchorage, Alaska for an outside prayer garden and one for the Cancer Center. By Icon Bronze and DJ. 
Larger than Life Size Ascending Christ statue located on the campus of Abilene Christian University at the Cross Garden. By Icon Bronze and DJ.
Modeled after the Bertel Thorvaldsen Christus, this 3 foot tall bronze casting is by Stan Watts. The Christus statue is also available in cultured white Marble.
Heroic 7 foot tall Savior and Woman at the Well statue. This statue has a working waterfall and is located in the Zephyr Hills Hospital in Florida. By Icon Bronze and DJ.
Larger than life size statue of Jesus Christ (Christus statue) Sculpted by Stan Watts with Welcoming and open arms after the Bertel Thorvaldsen Christus statue in Copenhagen, Cathedral.
3 foot tall Custom Commission of Saint John the Baptist with the Holy Book of scripture and a small lamb. Sculpted by Stan Watts. Located in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in Charleston, SC.

Savior and Woman

Replica Savior and Woman at the Well.

Savior and Lamb

Heroic 9 foot tall Savior and Lamb Statue

Virgin Mary Statue

1/2 life size Virgin Holy Mother Mary Statue

Ascending Christ

Heroic Jesus Christ ascending Statue

Savior and Woman

Savior and Woman at the Well Statue. 

Bronze Christ Statue

1/2 life size statue of Jesus Christ.

St. John the Baptist

Statue of Saint John the Baptist with Lamb

Jesus at Gethsemane 

1/2 life size statue of Jesus praying at rock

Jesus Christ Statue

7-1/2 Foot Tall Bronze Statue of Jesus.